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Your Online Hub

I build websites using the WordPress content management platform. WordPress sites give you absolute flexibility to visually add or modify content, update your blog and upload your latest photos or videos while using a reliable and secure editing tool. That way you can get into the driver’s seat with me at your side to help you¬† grow your website and attract more clients.

Your Contact Networks

For peace of mind, I keep emails and website separated. Your email accounts will be set up under your own domain using G-Suite*, and you will be able to manage them all under one master account. I will also introduce you to an optional professional phone number/answering service with mobile phone redirect* and other useful features like WhatsApp* for business.

Ready To Spread Your Word

 Talking regularly to existing clients and prospects is key to develop efficient online engagement. Although you may think Social Media are essential, I always favor email marketing first. I will help you create and start sending your marketing campaigns so that you can promote your business or charity and get clear insights about your audience engagement.

* These are premium services which clients have to subscribe to directly

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